flower.life.green“As we approached the arrival of our son Shiloh, we were blessed to meet Avira at the very last minute. She was not only eager to assist my wife Beth throughout childbirth, but was perfectly in-tune with our personalities and desires for a relaxed and memorable birthing experience within the setting of our own home. Throughout contractions, and until the very moment our son was in our arms, Avira was at our side to provide support, confidence, comfort, and care. As a husband, I felt completely confident simply knowing that my wife was within her care. I am so completely grateful to have had her as a companion and a guide throughout the journey. In the same manner that my wife felt comforted, so did I.”

~ Zach. Visalia, CA


flower.life.green “Avira was invaluable to me and my birth experience! Any future mothers who receive her services will be lucky to have her as a doula. Avira has an amazingly calm presence and is unconditionally supportive to your birth experience being what you want it to be. She was there for me through the entire thing. I felt supported, loved, and empowered. I wouldn’t change my experience, or who I had by my side, for anything. She was wonderful!”

~Barbara. Visalia, CA



flower.life.green “We are so fortunate that we listened to these people and met Avira. She is a fantastic source of support during pregnancy, labor, delivery, and postpartum. Avira helped us prepare, provided ample support and comfort during labor and delivery, and helped these first time parents be at ease postpartum. Hiring Avira was the best thing we did throughout our preparation for childbirth… I cannot emphasize enough how positive our experience with Avira was. We felt more educated and more empowered by her presence and support. I highly recommend labor support in general and Avira specifically. You will not regret it!”

~ Amy. Visalia, CA


flower.life.green “I couldn’t recommend Avira more highly! From our first meeting, her passion and love for women and birthing was apparent. I immediately felt at ease. Throughout my home birth she was an uplifting, calm presence that was invaluable to me during what seemed like an endless early stage of labor. At times when I felt overwhelmed she was always present in the moment to lend a helping hand, sometimes quite literally. I don’t know what I would have done without her!”

~Beth. Visalia, CA


flower.life.green “The prenatal support given was invaluable. Avira helped me practice relaxation techniques and different positions, and I built confidence to have the birth I wanted. She helped me trust my body and explore my gut instinct to switch providers at 38 weeks pregnant. We would text and email when I had questions, and she would send me links to resources for things like positioning to get my sunny-side-up baby to turn around (Spinning Babies!). I went ten days past my “due” date but never questioned my decision to not be induced, as we had talked about the cascade of interventions that often follow. Our preparation allowed me to labor at home for several hours, and then Avira helped me decide when to head to the hospital. While in labor, my memories are mostly touch and hearing, and feeling cocooned by the women present – my doula, midwife, and midwife in training. Avira helped me stay centered when I hadn’t even notice that my efforts or pushing were less controlled and less productive. I’ll always remember Avira’s caring hands massaging my lower back, providing counter pressure, and doing hip squeezes. After the birth of my son, Avira snapped a few photos that I cherish to remember the first hour of my son’s life. She made sure my husband and I were happy and comfortable before leaving us so we could bond with our son. Avira has the most caring and gentle energy, and was made to support women through childbirth.”

~Kari. Visalia, CA


flower.life.green “I had a lot of anxiety and fear toward the end of my second pregnancy due to my first experience, so I started to do some research. In doing this, I learned about doula services and found Avira. From the beginning, she was so easy to talk to and she began to help me feel more at ease. During the couple of months prior to my labor, her website provided an abundance of information and she was always available and willing to share and discuss information via telephone, text, and email whenever I needed her. During our prenatal meetings, she always made us feel like we were her priority and never made us feel rushed or pressed for time. She really took the time to get to know us and know our birth preferences. When I went into labor, her input was extremely vital in determining when it was time to head over to the hospital, especially since my goal was to labor as much as possible at home and have a natural, drug-free child birth. Her calm and relaxed demeanor was also very helpful and comforting in the labor and delivery room. She was in tune with the events occurring during the birth and knew when and where she was needed most; her timing was perfect. My husband also felt more at ease and confident in supporting me during my labor using the information Avira provided during our prenatal meetings. Immediately after the birth, he was able give me his undivided attention and take part in the bonding without having to worry about taking snap shots, because Avira was there capturing those moments with her camera. She was also respectful of our wishes to have our “golden hour” as she quietly slipped out for a break and then returned to do one last check before she left. Having Avira by my side totally reframed my view of childbirth. Even through a very intense and quick delivery, I felt much more supported, empowered, and confident in my own abilities to get through it all. We are truly blessed and thankful to have had Avira as part of our birthing team.”

~Angela. Porterville, CA




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