Welcoming Summer…

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Considering it has been 6 months since my last entry, I figured it’s time to write!

What have I been doing for the last 6 months?

Well just being a crazy woman trying to tend to my family, grow Visalia Birth Network, and make strides with doula work!

I’m really excited about an event coming up called the Big Latch On. I had honestly never heard of it before a few months ago, but it is a VERY cool thing! It’s a day where breastfeeding moms gather and latch-on with their nursing child for one minute, and others count up how many mommy/baby nursing pairs there are, and send in the numbers to the Big Latch On HQ, and we see if we can beat the previous years’ numbers of mommy/child breastfeeding pairs around the world. It is a very simple and fun way to increase awareness and normalcy of breastfeeding, as a celebration of World Breastfeeding Week. This event is happening ALL OVER the world on Aug 2nd and 3rd. You can look for one in your area here.
You can find out more about Visalia’s Big Latch On event here.

I also LOVE some of boob beanies the Big Latch On sells in their store! They are awesome! I’m not quite sure what I’d do with it, as I have no little babe anymore to place one on, but nonetheless, I want one!

Every breastfed kid needs a boob beanie!

boob beanie

I am really looking forward to this summer. I’ll be staying active with VBN as we plan some really cool stuff like Movie Nights, the Improving Birth Rally, and Desserts & Doulas!
And of course I’ll be hanging out with my kiddos. We LOVE the Kaweah River. It is our second home in the summer. We do have access to the river from our house, but it does not compare to our FAVORITE river spot, just a short 10 min drive or so…
kaiya river

You can see that my kids are daring river explorers, they get it from their mom ッ


Before I sign off I’d like to share this beautiful birth with you. A mom just shared this artfully-captured homebirth with me, so I thought I’d share it here. Totally awe-inspiring… (almost makes me want to have another)

Well I wish everyone a happy summer solstice. Stay cool! If I am nowhere to be found online, you can find me at the river!
Till next time,