I became interested in pregnancy and birth …

during my first pregnancy in 2002. I couldn’t get enough information about the process that my body seemed to be undergoing all on it’s own. It felt like I was on a one way ticket to a strange place I had never been, and I had no choice but to buckle in and prepare myself for the ride! As much as I read about the birth process and read other mothers’ birth stories, I still wasn’t convinced that I could endure the experience at all, let alone gracefully like so many stories I read. I felt like information would be my security, and I devoured everything I could get my hands on, and became a bit of a birth encyclopedia. I placed my care in the hands of CNM’s and went on to have two beautiful, natural births in the hospital in San Luis Obispo, CA. There are no words to describe the feeling of accomplishment and pride from my births, having nothing to do really of being medicated or not, but of a feeling of being connected to mothers throughout all of time, of knowing we all share a similar purpose. I felt like I mastered an experience that I had before perceived as dreadful and scary, but it was in fact incredible, yes intense and painful, but also powerful and transformational! I felt like my body knew exactly what it was doing, I trusted it as it took over, and it proved to me that giving birth was inherent in my DNA and the process wouldn’t let me down. I came from my birth experiences empowered and fascinated with the process, I to this day proclaim, ‘I love birth!’

I knew I had to be involved in this process more, as a supporter and positive voice towards women’s birth experiences. I felt called to be a doula, but did not act on that calling until 2010. I finally jumped at the chance to go to a DONA Birth Doula training workshop, and am so happy to be fulfilling that calling now!

I LOVE being a part of other families’ journeys through pregnancy, birth, and motherhood, and feel it is my role to support mothers exactly where they are at. I don’t feel that I need to influence her or indoctrinate her with my beliefs regarding birth, but to simply help her discover her own thoughts, feelings, and beliefs about birth. It is important we look at the history, fears, hopes and goals of every birthing woman to properly support her during each and every transition of birthing a child. Birth is a vastly different experience to every woman, and no path is identical. Our roads may look different, but the one inherent goal (and right!) is that it be a positive experience, which helps enable a mother to effectively nurture her new child. Birth is also in it’s form unpredictable… in recognizing that I feel that although we can’t determine the exact course, we can learn as much about the process, ourselves, and other influencing factors to make the best possible choices to create a prepared and supported birth experience, which is my goal for every mother I get the pleasure to accompany.

In the doula spirit,

Avira ♡