aviraA little about me:

❃  I love my sweet supportive family (but desperately need some whole family pics!) But truly my family is my biggest blessing in life and where I draw my strength from. I am so grateful that they support me in this line of work, and always welcome me home after a long birth and let me catch up on sleep!

I am a proud mother of two adorables whom I love to pieces… and of course our family dog Moses (aka sausage)…


My Ethics:

❃ I am a trained and certified Birth Doula through DONA International and practice according to DONA’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics. I am enthusiastic and knowledgeable about pregnancy and birth. I am passionate about supporting mothers and helping them create an optimal birth experience, whatever that may be.

❃ I believe each birth is uniquely special and there is not a one-size-fits-all approach to birthing. I am very interested in what the importances of birth are TO YOU!

❃ I believe birth should be a mother-centered experience. A mother will remember her birth experience for the rest of her life, and the feelings she felt during the process will remain imprinted within her forever. A mother should feel secure, supported, informed, and confident as she births, and it is my intent to help achieve that goal for every mom I come into contact with.

❃ I am active in building birth-related support and education in my community. I started a local doula group in my area to build camaraderie and further develop professional skills amongst our area doulas. If you are an active or prospective doula in our area please join us! I also founded Visalia Birth Network as a way to pool together birth-related resources for the community and to help promote Mother-Friendly Maternity Care in our area as well. Stay in the loop with VBN on Facebook!


Qualifications & Training:

Improving Birth

  • Mother of two ♡
  • DONA International Trained & Certified Birth Doula
  • DONA International Intro to Childbirth Training
  • Advanced Doula Training – Rebozo Technique and Trauma Survivors
  • Stillbirthday Birth Doula & Bereavement Training
  • Certified Lactation Educator Counselor (University of California San Diego)
  • Completion of Basics of Lactation Management course (Lactation Education Resources)
  • Founder and previous Chair of Visalia Birth Network
  • Improving Birth Rally local coordinator
  • Founding Member of Valley Doula Group


To learn more about my role in supporting moms please see Services.
To learn more about me feel free to read My Story.



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