What area do you serve?

I serve families in the Santa Cruz and South Santa Clara area. Although I am new to the area, I’m estimating that I will be able to reach most locations in my service area in under an hour.


What methods do you use to support mothers during labor?

I support moms emotionally, informationally, and physically during labor. Forms of emotional support would be using encouragement and providing confidence in the mother’s ability to labor. Other emotional supports may be using relaxation techniques of suggestion and visualization. Physical supports may include suggestions of labor positions and movement, breathing techniques, touch, massage, and counterpressure. Informational support may be suggesting to the parents to take time to make decisions, helping parents understand the pros and cons of any particular intervention or other choice that may need to be made throughout the labor process.

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My partner is wary of hiring a doula because he/she is worried about feeling left out. How does my partner fit in?

The mom’s partner is her rock throughout labor. As a doula I am sensitive to this partnership. I support the bond between the mother and her partner, and I encourage them to work together to prepare for the birth and during labor. Often during labor dads need just as much support as mom, especially if they are first time parents. A doulas presence offers continuous reassurance that the process is normal. She can offer techniques the partner can use to soothe the mother during labor so he is able to be more ‘hands-on’ instead of feeling apprehensive. Here is a great blog post about doulas from a dad’s point of view. A doula also allows dad to take breaks to rest or eat, which can be really helpful when a labor is long and exhausting.


Does insurance cover doula services?

Sometimes! Some insurance companies will cover doula costs. I provide an Insurance Reimbursement Information document to my clients for more information to assist you in filing a claim.


How do you feel about home births?

I love home births! I am happy to support a woman birthing at home, in a birth center or hospital. I understand that a womens’ body works best in an atmosphere they feel comfortable and safe in. I work respectfully with midwives, physicians, and nursing staff as part of the birth team.

I’m not sure if I want a natural birth or not, would you be unsupportive or disapproving if I ended up not having a natural or vaginal birth?

Never. As your doula, I am there to support your wishes during childbirth, no matter what they are. I do not have personal beliefs or opinions of what your labor and birth should or shouldn’t look like. I am wide open to embrace exactly how your birth unfolds.

I would like to try to VBAC (Vaginal Birth After Cesarean), do you have experience with this?

I personally had two vaginal births, so I do not have personal experience with VBAC. I have, however, been honored to help inform and support moms in achieving their VBACs, and it’s awesome! I totally understand the difficult climate that exists for VBAC, and I know the journey to VBAC is not an easy one to make, and I am happy to provide support and guidance as travel this road.


If I’m interested in having you as my doula, how soon should I contact you?

The sooner we meet the more time you are ensured to find the right doula for you if you plan on meeting with a few. Once we sign an agreement it’s best to begin prenatals in the near future. This ensures you get the most out of your prenatals and allows us time to get to know each other and grow in our working relationship. I am presently able to take a maximum of two clients per month (due month) so it’s best to get on my calendar in advance as well.


Can we meet first to make sure we “mesh”?

Absolutely! I will always offer a free initial meeting for this purpose and to answer your questions. I think it’s important that moms interview several doulas to find the right fit for her, and I can provide names and numbers of some other great local doulas as well.


Contact Avira to set up a meeting time!


the Kaiya-girl ❤
the Kaiya-girl ❤