The Surprising Factor Behind a Spike in C-Sections


“The hospital where woman gives birth may be the single most important factor influencing whether or not she has a c-section.”

– Neel Shah, director of the Delivery Decisions Initiative at Ariadne Labs.


In this interview, Obstetrician Neel Shah explains why the hospital where a woman gives birth may the single most important factor in whether or not she has a Cesarean Birth. He says “C-sections in this country vary between 7% and 70% by hospital. It’s tenfold risk, depending on where you go.” Please listen to this informative and EYE OPENING talk (and check links bellow to find out your local cesarean rates) if you are interested and reducing your chance of a cesarean birth.



This talk can also be listened to on Youtube.



Consumer Reports: Your Biggest C-Section Risk May Be Your Hospital

What are my local hospital’s Cesarean Rates?

What is my doctor’s C-section rate? (scroll down to almost the bottom of the page)


Also read the American College of Gynecologists & Obstetricians stance in addressing this issue. >> Safe Prevention of the Primary Cesarean Delivery


VBN’s Member Highlight

The idea to do these “member highlights” came up over a year ago, and it’s so fun to see it manifested! Here is my Member Highlight from March 2014. It’s amazing how quick things change, I can already see a few things that need to be revised, for ex. I am now DONA certified, (yay!!!), I also now offer Blessingway ceremonies for expecting moms, and VBN Membership is up to 23! Love how life just keeps rolling…

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Every month a VBN member will be chosen for a Member Highlight, and this month, Avira Wenn has been chosen. Hope you enjoy learning about Avira and her services!

Name: Avira Wennavirasmall
Business Name: Sacred Path Birth Services
Services: Birth Doula, Belly Casting
Contact Info:

Tell us about yourself, your family (if you’d like), and where you originate:

I was born and raised in southern California (Thousand Oaks) and moved as far north in California as you can go (almost) when I was 18. I lived in Mt. Shasta/Redding area for 5 years, where I met Continued

What is Mother-Friendly Maternity Care?

Have you heard the term “Mother-Friendly” in reference to Maternity Care but not fully sure of what that means? Allow me to try to lay it out for you!

Let’s start with some information about the current climate of maternity care in the U.S.

Did you know that:

  • The U.S. spends far more money per capita on maternity and newborn care than any other country, but in spite of this has ranks as one of the worst of all industrialized countries in preventing pregnancy/birth-related disease and injury? Did you also know that maternal death is 4 times greater for African-American women than for Euro-American women in America?
  • In those industrialized countries with the best perinatal outcomes, it is Midwives who attend the vast majority of births, yet in the U.S., midwife-attended births are of a great minority and hold a stigma of being a ‘fringe’ practice?
  • Current maternity and newborn practices which contribute to high costs and inferior outcomes include the inappropriate use of technology and routine procedures which are not based on current scientific evidence?
  • Continued

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