A New Chapter

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Santa Cruz and South Bay Area, here I come!

The winds of change are blowing yet again in the life of the Wenn family…

My nomadic life in California has consisted of a giant conceptual number 4. Raised in southern Cal – then moved far North (Mt. Shasta area) – then central coast (Cambria/SLO) – then central valley (Visalia/Three Rivers). I’ve been all over the California map! The last place where I really haven’t spent much time… is the Bay Area. And ironically it is the place that draws us most. I love the electricity in the air you feel in San Francisco, and the limitless options for education, recreation, entertainment being near such a major urban area. If you know me well you know that I was raised in the suburbs, but went as far away from that as soon as my wings could fly. I just wanted peaceful quiet nature. But getting older and having older kids is causing me to crave that access that only an urban area offers. SO we’re making the move! We are shooting for early June, as soon as the kids are finished with the school year.

But this is SO bittersweet. Continued

VBN’s Member Highlight

The idea to do these “member highlights” came up over a year ago, and it’s so fun to see it manifested! Here is my Member Highlight from March 2014. It’s amazing how quick things change, I can already see a few things that need to be revised, for ex. I am now DONA certified, (yay!!!), I also now offer Blessingway ceremonies for expecting moms, and VBN Membership is up to 23! Love how life just keeps rolling…

(This posted is copied with permission from visaliabirthnetwork.org/march-member-highlight/

Every month a VBN member will be chosen for a Member Highlight, and this month, Avira Wenn has been chosen. Hope you enjoy learning about Avira and her services!

Name: Avira Wennavirasmall
Business Name: Sacred Path Birth Services
Services: Birth Doula, Belly Casting
Website: www.sacredpathbirth.com
Contact Info: sacredpathdoula@gmail.com

Tell us about yourself, your family (if you’d like), and where you originate:

I was born and raised in southern California (Thousand Oaks) and moved as far north in California as you can go (almost) when I was 18. I lived in Mt. Shasta/Redding area for 5 years, where I met Continued

Getting Started as a Doula

This year for the entire month of May, my doula friend Stacie decided to do a very cool thing to celebrate the “International Month of the Doula”. She has collected ALL KINDS of various stories related to doula work and blogged DAILY for the entire month.

This collection, entitled “Celebrating International Doula Month”, is quite a wealth of stories and tidbits, and is 4 blog pages long so get comfy and bask in her works…

Stacie asked me to share about my experience trying to launch doula work here in Tulare County, and I was more than glad to contribute. My story turned into a post called What to do While You Wait for Clients , and was based on my long suffering efforts trying to create greater birth awareness here in my community… which I will share in entirety below… Continued

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