A New Chapter

A New Chapter

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Santa Cruz and South Bay Area, here I come!

The winds of change are blowing yet again in the life of the Wenn family…

My nomadic life in California has consisted of a giant conceptual number 4. Raised in southern Cal – then moved far North (Mt. Shasta area) – then central coast (Cambria/SLO) – then central valley (Visalia/Three Rivers). I’ve been all over the California map! The last place where I really haven’t spent much time… is the Bay Area. And ironically it is the place that draws us most. I love the electricity in the air you feel in San Francisco, and the limitless options for education, recreation, entertainment being near such a major urban area. If you know me well you know that I was raised in the suburbs, but went as far away from that as soon as my wings could fly. I just wanted peaceful quiet nature. But getting older and having older kids is causing me to crave that access that only an urban area offers. SO we’re making the move! We are shooting for early June, as soon as the kids are finished with the school year.

But this is SO bittersweet. Although moving out to the central valley was supposed to be just a pit stop on the way to our ‘Bus Adventure’ (another story completely!), it’s hard to imagine that we were actually grounded here for 7 years. We totally grew roots here that I didn’t expect to. Karl got a great job giving him an edge into information technology, and I became totally consumed with following my passions. Here in the valley I did my doula training, attended my first birth, met other like-minded ladies and started up a doula enrichment group, from which birthed an entire Birth Network for Visalia. I gained experience in birth and went on to become certified through DONA and continued to learn and grow as a woman, a leader, and a doula. I attended and shared at monthly meetings through VBN, helping increase birth information, awareness and options to our local families. I was chosen by Tulare County Breastfeeding Coalition as the recipient of a scholarship for a lactation education counselor training, and have since become trained and certified as a Lactation Counselor by the amazing teacher, Ginny Baker of UCSD. I have also been able to share my passion of celebrating and honoring pregnant mothers by way of facilitating Blessingway, or Mother Blessing Ceremonies and doing belly casts for our area mommies. It has all evolved from following the call within my heart, and from meeting the most amazing people along the way, some who have been pivotal; Coleen, Barbara, Denise, Megan, Kari, Beth – you ladies gave me such a start – a chance to follow my heart. I will never forget you.

My children have also grown, being fed by a beautiful community and school here in Three Rivers. Friendships have run so deep and have been such a blessing – Jen, Kelley, and Liz… you’ve been made life so sweet for me and my kiddos. Thank you for the joy of good conversation and good times. Thank you Amber for hooking me up with sewing for the Red Barn. I’ll never forget that opportunity, and those mountains of bears ;). Three Rivers I’ll never forget you and how you’ve been an absolute safe haven for my family, and how you have fed us and nourished us during our time here. You will always be a part of me.

And to the amazing women I’ve met along my path in birth work – Thank you for allowing me to connect with you, laugh and cry with you, and make a difference with you. To all the mommies and families: thank you for allowing me to walk beside you, experience your pain, joy, and bravest moments with you. You have ALL impacted me more than you will ever know, and will always be a part of me. You’ve helped make me a better person and mother, wife, friend, and doula. Thank you <3 I am forever grateful for you.   So leaving is a tough close of a chapter, it hurts. But I am remaining open and optimistic about the chapters that remain unwritten. It will be so good to meet a new birth family and a community, and create and share more love and joy, while I will never forget the former.  
This is not goodbye… it’s until next come! Please come look me up if you’re ever in the area! It would be an amazing treat to reconnect and see you again <3   Warmly, sincerely, and with endless love and gratitude,


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